Because today purchasing must be achieved with an ethical purpose, we offer a partnership deal with three ecological associations of your choice, to which we will transfer 2% of the selling price.

Peaks montagne enneigée

Summit Foundation 


Swiss Cetacean Society

One Action

Created in January 2001, its mission is to reduce the environmental impact of human activities in high-traffic areas.


Particularly active in the mountains, on beaches and during major events, the Foundation bases its activities around 3 axes:


  • environmental awareness and education

  • the development of concrete solutions

  • the organisation of waste collection operations

The Swiss Cetacean Society-SCS is a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to the conservation of marine mammals.

The SCS provides

  • logistics for environmental science programs

  • disseminates popular information on marine life in Switzerland

  • organizes awareness camps and specialized training


Your action is the sponsorship of nest of green turtles Chelonia mydas that are under serious threat around the world. Although it is fully protected internationally. 

OneAction is a non-profit association aimed at encouraging the transition from intention to action in the ecological field.


The project aims to reverse the accelerating process of land degradation and build community resilience to climate change through an innovative and highly cost-effective reforestation model.


The result of the latest scientific research at the University of Lausanne in biochemistry to select oxalogen trees.

These trees have the particularity of sequestering carbon in the form of limestone and thus participate effectively in the regeneration of soils by making them more fertile, thus ensuring the food security of vulnerable communities.

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