We are Natalie and Julie Samuel, sisters originally from Belgium, born in Lausanne Switzerland. Partners and passionate about fashion, we love to create and work together for a long time now.

Natalie trained in graphic design at the Beaux-Arts of Lausanne while Julie was becoming familiar with management at the Ecole Hôtelière of Lausanne.

We founded Les Soeurs Boa in the late nineties to imagine and offer a different kind of accessories, at the same time beautiful and funny. Collections, either composed of unique items or small batches that would help us exploring multiple directions, with diversity in shapes and materials. For us it goes without saying that fashion must be ethical and respect the human being at the social level. This is why we are part of the fashion revolution movement.


We are inventing and designing our bags in Switzerland. The handcrafted manufacturing process is entirely achieved in Portugal, where we have found the upright workshop holding both the right European legacy of know how and the essential social standards.

This workshop has committed itself to high standards to claim reduced, minimal and no harm upon ecosystems and the environment. This ecological effort is not only applied at the energy consumption level but also at the sourced materials and the whole manufacturing process of our bags.

Some examples of our jewels...

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